Dorico Techniques #1 – Augmentation dots

As Dorico users know, this music notation software is a work in progress. Because of that, a lot of things we would do easily in Finale or Sibelius is not supported in Dorico. However, it is possible to fake almost all things we want to do in it using the famous “Shift+X” popover, or the “Text popover”. Here I will show how to change the augmentation dot position wherever you want.

Here is my problem. I want to write the following measure, but Dorico still doesn’t support changing the position of dots (the second dot is in one space above than the default position).

So, the result is the notes being too far or the dot colliding with the second note.

Using the attribute “Rhythm dot consolidation: aggressive”

To avoid this problem, I did as follow:

  • First, write the note without the dot and hide the rest using the “Ends voice” attribute;
  • Second, using the “Shift+X popover” write a dot and change the size of the font;
  • Third, in the Engrave Mode, drag the dot exactly where you want.

Doing those steps I managed to get this result:

I hope this tip was useful to you. See ya!

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