Dorico Popovers

Popovers in Dorico

Version 1.1.10, July 2017

Bars and barlines (Shift+B)

Add bars +24, i.e. + followed by the number of bars to add
Delete bars -8, i.e. followed by the number of bars to be deleted
Bar rest rest
Single barline | or single
Double barline || or double
Start repeat barline |: or start
End repeat barline :| or end
Start-end repeat barline :|: or :||: or end-start or endstart
Dashed barline : or dash
Tick barline or tick
Final barline |] or fin
Short barline , or short

Clefs and octave lines (Shift+C)

Treble G clef g or G or treble
Bass F clef f or F or bass
Tenor C clef ct or CT or tenor
Alto C clef ca or CA or alto
Treble G clef, 8 below g8ba or G8ba or g8d or G8d or treble8ba or treble8d
Treble G clef, 15 below g815ba or G815ba or g15d or G15d or treble15b or treble15d
Treble G clef, 8 above g8va or G8va or g8u or G8u or treble8va or treble8u
Treble G clef, 15 above g15ma or G15ma or g15u or G15u or treble15b or treble15u
Alto C clef, 8 below ca8ba or CA8ba or alto8ba or ca8d or CA8d or alto8d
Tenor C clef, 8 below ct8ba or CT8ba or tenor8ba or ct8d or CT8d or tenor8d
Bass F clef, 8 below f8ba or F8ba or bass8ba or f8d or F8d or bass8d
Bass F clef, 15 below f15ba or F15ba or bass15ba or f15d or F15d or bass15d
Bass F clef, 8 above f8va or F8va or bass8va or f8u or F8u or bass8u
Bass F clef, 15 above f15ma or F15ma or bass15ma or f15u or F15u or bass15u
Unpitched percussion perc
4-string tablature tab4
6-string tablature tab6
Baritone bass baritonebass
Baritone baritonebass
Mezzo soprano clef mezzo
Soprano G clef soprano
Sub-bass clef subbass
Invisible clef invisible

Dynamics (Shift+D)

Because you can enter dynamics quite freely, this is not comprehensive, but rather suggestive of the things you can enter:

 to  pppppp to p
 to        f to ffffff
(              ) (f)
cresc. cresc or crescendo
dim. dim or diminuendo
decresc. decresc or decrescendo
 <>
 ><
più piu mp

Holds and pauses (Shift+H)

Fermata () fermata
Very long fermata () verylongfermata
Long fermata () longfermata
Short fermata () shortfermata
Very short fermata () veryshortfermata
Henze short fermata () shorthenzefermata
Henze long fermata () longhenzefermata
Caesura () caesura or //
Thick caesura () caesurathick
Curved caesura () caesuracurved
Short caesura () caesurashort
Tick breathmark () breathmarktick
Comma breathmark () breathmarkcomma or ,
Salzedo breathmark () breathmarksalzedo
Curlew () curlew

Key signatures (Shift+K)

Open or atonal key signature          open or atonal

Major keys                                       e.g. C, D, Eb, Ab

Minor keys                                       e.g. g, d, f#, bb

Number of sharps     e.g. 3s or 2#  Number of flats           e.g. 4f or 5b

Ornaments (Shift+O)

Trill                                                   tr or trill

Mordent                                           mor or mordent

Turn                                                 turn

Inverted mordent invmor or invertedmordent
Inverted turn invturn or invertedturn
Straight glissando line gliss
Wavy or wiggly glissando line glisswavy
Upwards arpeggio sign arp or arpup or arpeggioup
Downwards arpeggio sign arpdown or arpeggiodown
Non arpeggio sign nonarp or nonarpeggio

Chord symbols (Shift+Q)

Because you can enter chord symbols quite freely, this is not comprehensive, but rather suggestive of the things you can enter:

Root                             English note names (e.g. C, Db, F#, B)

                                     German note names (e.g. C, Des, Fis, H)

                                     Fixed-do solfège (e.g. do, reb, so#, ti)

                                     Nashville numbers (e.g. assuming C major, 1, 2b, 4#, 7)

Quality                          Major: nothing following root, or maj, M, ma

                                     Minor: m, min, mi

                                     Diminished: dim, di, o

                                     Augmented: aug, au, ag, +

                                     Half-diminished: half-dim, halfdim, hd

                                     6/9: 6/9, 69, %

Interval                         Major seventh: maj7, ^7

                                     Major seventh plus extensions: maj9, ^9, 9maj7, etc.

Alterations                    Altered scale degrees: #5, b9, #11, etc.

                                     Added notes: add#11, addF#, etc.

                                     Suspensions: sus4, etc.

                                     Omissions: omit3, no7, etc.

Altered bass notes       The same as root notes, separated with /, e.g. Cm7b5/Eb.

Polychords                   Two chord symbols, separated with |, e.g. Cmaj7|D.

Tempo (Shift+T)

Because you can enter tempo quite freely, this is not comprehensive, but rather suggestive of the things you can enter:

Adagio  = 120 Adagio q = 120
 = 96-112 q = 96-112 or q=96-112
 = 60 h = 60 or h=60 or 7 = 60 or 7=60
 = 120 e = 120 or e=120 or 5 = 120 or 5=120
 = 90 e. = 90 or e.=90 or 5. = 90 or 5.=90
rit. rit. or rit
accel. accel. or accel

Time signatures (Shift+M)

Simple time signature e.g. 2/4, 6/8, 3/4, 5/4, 12/8
Time signature with pick-up e.g. 4/4,1.5 (4/4 with 1.5 quarter pick-up), 6/8,2 (6/8 with 2 8ths pick-up)
Alternating time signature e.g. 3/4 + 6/8 (note the space either side of +)
Common time () c
Cut common time () cutc or ¢
Open meter X
Additive time signature e.g. 3+2+2/8
Specify beat grouping, but don’t show it e.g. [2+3+2]/8 (appears as 7/8)
Aggregate time signature e.g. 2/4|6/8
Interchangeable time signature e.g. 2/4 (6/8) or 2/4 / 6/8 or 2/4 = 6/8 (results in different separators)

Playing techniques (Shift+P)

Sustain pedal line ped
Sostenuto pedal line sost
Una corda pedal line unacorda
Retake in sustain pedal line ^ or notch or retake
Remove retake in sustain pedal line nonotch
Set sustain pedal level to 1/4 1/4
Set sustain pedal level to 1/2 1/2
Set sustain pedal level to 3/4 3/4
Fully depress sustain pedal 1
Stop sustain pedal line *
Stop sostenuto pedal line s*
Stop una corda pedal line u*
Ordinario (ord.)  ord
Modo Ordinario  modo ord
Naturale (nat.)  nat
Mute (text)  mute
With Mute (text)  with mute
Mute Off (text)  mute off
Open (text)  open
Aperto (text)  aperto
Con sordino  con sord
Senza sordino  senza sord
Legato  legato
Multiphonic  multiphonic
Harmonic (o)  o
Vibrato  vibrato
Poco Vibrato  poco vibrato
Non Vibrato  non vibrato
Senza Vibrato  senza vibrato
Laissez Vibrer (l.v.)  lv
Non Laissez Vibrer (non l.v.)  non lv
Marcato (text)  marcato
Bisbigliando (whisper)  bisbigliando


Flip flip
Smear smear
Bend brass bend
Jazz Turn jazz turn
Mute (+) +
Half-mute half mute
Open open
Harmon mute, stem in harmon stem in
Harmon mute, stem left  harmon stem left
Harmon mute, stem right  harmon stem right
Harmon mute, stem out  harmon stem out
Valve trill  valve trill
Cuivré  cuivre
Stopped (text)  stopped
Stopped (+)  +
Straight mute  straight mute
Cup mute  cup mute
Plunger mute  plunger mute
Bucket mute  bucket mute
Harmon mute (text)  harmon mute
Harmon mute, stem in (text)  harmon mute stem in
Harmon mute, stem out (text)  harmon mute stem out
Open (remove mute)  opentext
Double-tongue  double-tongue
Triple-tongue  triple-tongue
Closed Hole  closed hole
Three-quarters Closed Hole  three-quarters closed hole
Half-closed Hole  half-closed hole
Open hole  open hole
Trill Key  trill key
Flatter Embouchure  flatter embouchure
Sharper Embouchure  sharper embouchure
Relaxed Embouchure  relaxed embouchure
Somewhat Relaxed Embouchure  somewhat relaxed embouchure
Tight Embouchure  tight embouchure
Somewhat Tight Embouchure  somewhat tight embouchure
Very Tight Embouchure  very tight embouchure
Weak Air Pressure  weak air pressure
Strong Air Pressure  strong air pressure
Normal Reed Position  normal reed
Very Little Reed (Pull Outwards) little reed
Much More Reed (Push Inwards) more reed
Mouthpiece/Hand Pop hand pop
Rim Only rim only
Flutter-tongue (f.t.) fluttertongue
Flutter-tongue (flt.) flt
Flatterzunge (flz.) flz
Frullato frullato


Slap-tongue slap-tongue
Whistle Tone whistle tone
Key Slap key slap
Key clicks key clicks
Air air
Aeolian aeolian
Down Bow downbow
Up Bow upbow
Half Harmonic  half harmonic
Mute On  mute on
Mute Off  mute off
Sul Ponticello (Bow on Bridge)  sul pont
Bow on Bridge  bow on bridge
Bow On Tailpiece  bow on tailpiece
Overpressure (Down Bow)  overpressure down
Overpressure (Up Bow)  overpressure up
Overpressure Possibile (Down Bow)  overpressure poss down
Overpressure Possibile (Up Bow)  overpressure poss up
Overpressure (No Bow Direction)  overpressure
Jeté  jete
Fouetté  fouette
Thumb Position  thumb
Left-hand Pizzicato  left-hand pizz
Snap Pizzicato  snap pizz
Buzz Pizzicato  buzz pizz
Change Bow Direction  change bow
Bow on Bridge on One String  sul pont one string
Bow on Bridge on Two Strings  sul pont two strings
Bow on Bridge on Three Strings  sul pont three strings
Bow on Bridge on Four Strings  sul pont four strings
Arco  arco
Pizzicato  pizz
Spiccato  spicc
Saltando  saltando
Martellato  martellato
Sul Tasto  sul tasto
Flautando  flautando
Col Legno  col legno
Col Legno Tratto  col legno tratto
Col Legno Battuto  col legno battuto
Alla Chitarra alla chitarra
Pluck With Fingernails pluck with fingernail
Fingernail Flick fingernail flick
Sul ponticello (sul pont.) sul pont
Punta d’arco punta d’arco
Détaché detache
Jeté (text) jete
Au talon au talon


Martelé martele
Alto sul tasto ast
Poco sul tasto pst
Mouth Closed mouth closed
Mouth Slightly Open mouth slightly open
Mouth Open mouth open
Mouth Wide Open mouth wide open
Mouth Pursed mouth pursed
Nasal Voice  nasal
Tongue Click (Stockhausen)  tongue click
Finger Click (Stockhausen)  finger click
Tongue and Finger Click (Stockhausen)  tongue and finger click
Con bocca chiusa  con bocca chiusa
Pedal Heel 1  heel1
Pedal Heel 2  heel2
Pedal Heel 3  heel3
Pedal Toe 1  toe1
Pedal Toe 2  toe2
Pedal Heel Toe  heel toe
Pedal Heel to Toe  heel to toe
Pedal Toe to Heel  toe to heel
Pluck Inside  pluck inside
Clavichord Bebung (2 Fingers)  bebung2
Clavichord Bebung (3 Fingers)  bebung3
Clavichord Bebung (4 Fingers)  bebung4
Left Hand (L.H.)  lh
Right Hand (R.H.)  rh
Above (sopra)  sopra
Below (sotto)  sotto
Mano destra (right hand)  manodestra
Mano sinistra (left hand)  manosinistra
m.d. (right hand)  md
m.s. (left hand)  ms
Slide With Suppleness (Salzedo)  slide with suppleness
Oboic Flux (Salzedo)  oboic flux
Thunder Effect (Salzedo)  thunder effect
Whistling Sounds (Salzedo)  whistling sounds
Metallic Sounds (Salzedo)  metallic sounds
Tam-tam Sounds (Salzedo)  tam-tam sounds
Play at Upper End of Strings (Salzedo)  play at upper end of strings
Timpanic Sounds (Salzedo) timpanic sounds
Muffle Totally (Salzedo) muffle totally
Fluidic Sounds, Left Hand (Salzedo) fluidic sounds left
Fluidic Sounds, Right Hand (Salzedo) fluidic sounds right
Metal Rod metal rod
Harp Tuning Key harp tuning key
Harp Tuning Key Handle harp tuning key handle
Harp Tuning Key Shank harp tuning key shank


Harp Tuning Key Glissando harp tuning key gliss
Ascending Aeolian Chords (Salzedo) ascending aeolian chords
Descending Aeolian Chords (Salzedo) descending aeolian chords
Damp Only Low Strings (Salzedo) damp only low strings
Damp With Both Hands (Salzedo) damp with both hands
Damp Below (Salzedo) damp below
Damp Above (Salzedo) damp above
Metallic Sounds, One String (Salzedo) metallic sounds one string
Isolated Sounds (Salzedo)  isolated sounds
Snare Drum Effect (Salzedo)  snare drum effect
Près de la Table (p.d.l.t.)  pdlt
Right (R)  r
Left (L)  l
Vibraphone Pedal (l.v.)  lv
Vibraphone Pedal (ped.)  ped
Vibraphone Half Pedal (½ ped.)  half ped
Vibraphone Motor On  motor on
Vibraphone Motor Off  motor off
Xylo  xylo
Stick Shot  stick shot
Scrape from Center to Edge  scrape from center to edge
Scrape from Edge to Center  scrape from edge to center
Scrape Around Rim (Counter-clockwise)  scrape around rim ccw
Scrape Around Rim (Clockwise)  scrape around rim cw
On Rim  on rim
Closed / Rim Shot  rim shot
Half-open  half-open
Half-open (Weinberg)  half-open 2
Open  open
Damp  damp
Damp (Large)  damp large
Damp (Right)  damp right
Damp (Left)  damp left
Center (Weinberg)  center 1
Center (Ghent)  center 2
Center (Caltabiano)  center 3
Rim or Edge (Weinberg)  rim or edge
Rim (Ghent)  rim 2
Rim (Caltabiano)  rim 3
Normal Position (Caltabiano)  normal position
Choke (Weinberg) choke
Right Hand (Agostini) right hand
Left Hand (Agostini) left hand
Edge (Text) edge
Center (Text) center
Muffled muffled
Snares On snares on
Snares Off snares off

Vibrato Bar Scoop                                            vibrato bar scoop

Vibrato Bar Dip                                                 vibrato bar dip

Guitar Shake                                                     shake

Open Wah Pedal                                              open wah

Half-open Wah Pedal                                       half open wah

Closed Wah Pedal                                            closed wah

Left-hand Tapping                                            left-hand tapping

Right-hand Tapping                                          right-hand tapping

Tap the Pick Guard (Golpe)                             golpe

Fade In                                                             fade in

Fade Out                                                           fade out

Volume Swell                                                    volume swell

Strum Up                                                          strum up

Strum Down                                                     strum down

Full Barré                                                          full barre

Half Barré                                                         half barre

String 0                                                             string 0

String 1                                                             string 1

String 2                                                             string 2

String 3                                                             string 3

String 4                                                             string 4

String 5                                                             string 5

String 6                                                             string 6

String 7                                                             string 7

String 8                                                             string 8

String 9                                                             string 9


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